Learning Resources

There are many good resources available to help the Lay Preacher’s Ministry.  It is important to explore and support various resources which best fit your personal style, interest and orientation.

There is an excellent group which is focused on supporting, encouraging and equipping Christians in all categories of endevour.

The Langham Partnership exists to equip churches for mission and maturity.  Langham  Partnership is a global fellowship working in pursuit of the vision God entrusted to its founder, John Stott, to strengthen the growth of the church in maturity and Christlikeness through raising the standards of biblical preaching and teaching.    The name “Langham” comes from All Souls Church, Langham Place, in London UK,  where John Stott ministered for nearly 60 years. You can learn more about Langham Partnership by visiting their web site  http://nz.langham.org/

Distant Education

There are  many Lay Preachers who for various reasons can not attend formal Residential learning opportunities and academic studies at Universities are impractical.  For many years the Laidlaw College has educated Christian workers at all levels.  The College has a very good Distant Learning programme about which information can be found on line.  Click here to be taken to the Laidlaw site.

Local Learning

There is much to be learnt from listening to and reflecting on things others say.  Often in small ‘House Groups’ people will share their insights and life experiences in such a way as fresh perspectives are revealed.  There will also be some occasions when one can discuss particular points of view many of which will never be published or shared elsewhere. The Lay Preacher should never overlook the wisdom of age, experience or insight.  The Church publishes a number of worthwhile items to encourage growth and insight.   Click the attachment to this page for one such publication the PCANZ Candour_Nov_2014   

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