This set of five exercises are intended to encourage the aspiring Lay Preacher.   They are for personal learning in your own place, at your own pace.  Because we want to support and encourage Lay Preachers to develop their skills, other exercises or learning may be recommended. There are no right or wrong answers and they are not an examination.   In preparation you should :-

  • Have a conversation with a local Minister or Senior Elder.
  • Select and read literature you believe is relevant.
  • Organise your own schedule so you can spend quality time at your task.
  • Spend time in personal prayer and reflection.
  • Produce, (photocopy for safe keeping) an assignment and email one at a time for Assessment.

Please email each of the five assignment for assessment direct to vision@inspire.net.nz    

Exercise – 1   ASSIGNMENT:  In 1000 of your own words discuss the relevance of Lay Preaching in the modern Church and why competent Lay Preachers are important to the  Churches.

Exercise – 2  ASSIGNMENT:  Think about a recent Church Service where you have had responsibilities and explain what was going on in that service for the Congregation.  Pay attention to how the Service was structured in terms of its various liturgical components, themes, etc and elaborate in 1000 words about the Order Of Service, Hymnology and Liturgy observing  their relevance to or impact on the people.

Exercise – 3 – ASSIGNMENT: In your own words discuss the relevance or otherwise of the Bible as you understand it in an Essay of 1500 words taking care to present a survey of Biblical content, and the themes of all its 66 Books. This is not an exegetical exercise or justification of a particular view point but rather looking at ‘The Bible’ as a whole in the context of modern insights and circumstances.

Exercise – 4 – ASSIGNMENT: Select Biblical and other background references then prepare (write) a sermon for delivery to a Church in a small urban community on the Priesthood of all Believers. The Sermon to last about fifteen to twenty minutes and include some practical application or hoped for outcome.

Exercise – 5 ASSIGNMENT:   Have a discussion with your supporting Minister and write a Sermon on a topic of your choice for delivery to your local congregation and give supporting notes which explain why this Sermon at this time and place.  Say how long the Sermon will be and how it fits with the rest of the Service.

If it is some time since you wrote an essay and you are concerned that you do not have the skills, please don’t worry. This is not an academic examination where you will be critiqued and graded.  You may like to review this excellent on line resource on How to write an essay.